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Last night I didn't sleep well. I tossed and turned thinking about so many things in life that I want and need to change for the better. I must admit I'm a very analytical thinker. Despite the fact that I'm known as a man of faith my personality type prefers analysis, critical thinking, and logic. Although I'm not some famous, well known, person, I've been blessed to help quite a few people in my time as a servant-leader. For all the joy I get in helping people sometimes I still ponder, is it worth it and what is my life worth? One painfully obvious fact I learned years ago in helping people is you shouldn't really expect anything in return from them. I know it sounds crazy. You may help save a life, marriage, family, household, even a person's sanity, but in the end don't expect anything in return. You may give thousands of dollars of your own money, donate numerous hours of your life, inspire people to reach higher, even leave your bed in the middle of the night to visit the dying, but in the end don't expect anything in return from people. Don't expect anything because 1) you did it as unto God 2) your motive wasn't to be celebrated it was to simply help someone in need. In the meantime it is possible to help people and they get amnesia. And it is very possible to help people and they bypass you for what they feel is the next best thing or they simply leave you because you're no longer needed.

At some point in time some people-helpers have to realize that your heroic and sacrificial actions could one day be eventually heaped on a pile of trash with yesterdays stale bread, powerless batteries, and chicken scraps. In other words your past contributions no matter how great could lose to a present day attitude that says "I no longer need you." I know many people feel as I do wondering if what they've done to help people is really appreciated or some in present challenges question, what is my life really worth? I must admit I've been deep in contemplation lately evaluating my life, sorting through piles of emotional files, as I deal with mental and physical pain, seeking solutions that would make sense in my present life. Honestly, while I'm not a pity-party type person, lately I have battled my share of negative emotions. It is while I was insulated in my fortress of inner solitude that God sent His voice through a text message. That sounds funny doesn't it? A few days ago amidst my intellectual and emotional workout that found me running in place on a treadmill of thoughts in my fortress of inner solitude I received a text message from one of my closest loved ones in the world. He and I have been joined at the hip for most of our lives and I trust him with my life. Lately I've been very quiet and hadn't spoken to him about these recent things that were on my heart but a few days ago he sent me a text message as we say "out of the blue" and I will quote verbatim a snippet from it. He said "...wanted you to know that you matter." Brien Andrews, thank you! God spoke through you!

Self-confined within my fortress of inner solitude and thinking within a paralytic cycle I received these brief but powerful words "...wanted you to know that you matter." After receiving these words my spirit fluttered, my heart was moved, and my question was answered. I no longer needed to over-analyze the worth of my actions or the worth of myself, nor those of others and neither do you! God determines value and worth. He said we matter and because of this nothing separates us from His love. (Romans 8:35,39)

Don't allow the egregious, insensitive, hurtful, proud, actions of the ungrateful or disloyal to cloud your perspective of yourself. You are not here by accident. Your existence means something. Your voice is needed. Your presence is required on this planet. The talents and gifts that you have are needed by someone in this world. And despite any hell you've been through or any failures or abuse you've endured it doesn't diminish your worth. Whether you're rich, poor, fat, skinny, short, tall, troubled, confused, flawed, educated, uneducated, appreciated, unappreciated, stereotyped, abused, misused, black, white, yellow, red, straight, gay or anything else, you matter! God wants you to know and I want you to know, that you matter!

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