Start Building Your Self-Esteem Pt 2

#2: Deal with Past Experiences
It’s okay to cry and say, “ouch,” when we experience pain; but don’t let pain transform itself into fear. Nothing can torment and discombobulate our lives like fear. We must master fear with faith and believe that we can accomplish anything. And when we fail we chalk it up as a learning experience.

Never allow the pain of your past to be the pain of your present because it will eventually be the pain of your future.  Unresolved issues are controlling issues.  Anything we haven’t resolved in the past still lives with us today.  We must work through our pain, process it, get counseling, prayer, and whatever is necessary because our future is too bright to live in the pain of yesterday. It’s natural to savor the taste of pain longer than pleasant things.  I discovered that in the human mouth there are more taste buds for bitterness than sweet.  The scientific explanation is that most poisonous things are bitter and the taste buds are the first line of defense.  I find that pain and hurt tends to linger and dominate our minds many years longer than sweet memories. I heard a man tell a story years ago of how they tried to build a man.  He said that they put two eyes in front and two eyes in the rear. The single greatest problem that this man had was being able to move forward when he walked.  He couldn’t move forward because he kept looking at what was behind him. Many people have the same problem they can’t go forward because they are still looking backwards.  If you are struggling with the past seek help to move forward from a competent, caring, person because you can’t embrace your future until you release your past.

#3: Challenge the Negative Worldview
Don’t become consumed with all the pessimism, sadness and grief in the world. As we build self-esteem, we must learn how to make the best out of worst situations. Sometimes the lemonade we make from lemons is bitter, but we must learn how to add sugar.  The view of the world we live in is interpreted by us. Our interpretation or the way we think has been influenced by family, friends, or by certain events we have experienced. As a result we have adopted a mindset from our loved ones and mixed it with our thoughts to produce an action. We draw both good and bad from the people who've influenced us the most. The good we glean can give us life but the bad can literally kill us.

How we have come to process life now affects our interpretation of it.  It is when we realize that our interpretation of life is flawed, that we must begin to change.  Don’t allow past failure, hurt, and pain to thrive. Don't allow flawed thinking to thrive. Begin taking control of your life now and dictate how you view the world.  We aren’t born thinking negative, or flawed, something happens during our journey that shapes us. I believe that you reap what you sow, meaning that whatever you give you are bound to receive. If you think negative you will receive negative but if you think positive you’ll receive positive. We must learn to shape our negative thinking with positive, divine, thoughts. Negative people are pessimistic and cynical. Their lives are colored by gloom, apathy, and depression. Everything they do is processed negatively and affects their ability to succeed in life. 

The key to changing the way we look at the world is to first change the way we look at ourselves. How you see yourself is typically how you view the world. Despite the negativity in the world you should believe that you are a powerful, positive force. If your view of yourself and the world is negative it’s time to take charge and start traveling down the road that helps you see yourself as the victor and not the victim. It's hard to win if you see yourself as a loser! Look for part three of this discussion soon.

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