Because our world is in trouble, politically, financially, morally, and spiritually people are depressed with little hope for change. Tough times remind us of how fragile life can be and why we must make the most of our lives.

The unemployment rates are high, crime in major cities has increased, and trust in political leaders is at an all time low. People find themselves doubting their government, leaders, economy, churches, and even themselves. It's difficult to have hope and faith when the people and institutions we look to for support are in shambles.

Good, decent, common, everyday folk, contemplate whether they can support their families, get a better job, raise their children safely, and find God who seems to be in hiding.

When survival is at the forefront of our thoughts it's difficult to focus on the fact that you have personal dreams and a higher purpose for living. ~ A. G. Green

Faith Cuts Through Challenges
The real journey of fulfilling purpose begins with understanding faith. Faith cuts like a sharp knife through the dense, hard, challenges of life, and presents man with a hope for a better today and tomorrow. Faith opens up unlimited possibilities for us to succeed in life. 

My name is Dr. A. G. Green and I've personally made it one of my life's missions to help people master faith over fear and succeed in life. I personally have been greatly challenged by problems, trials, and difficult situations but living by faith has always brought me victory. My commitment to God, study, and practical applications of the bible have brought me to a place of confidence, boldness, and success in utilizing faith. I've used faith to pray for hundreds of sick people and they were healed. I've even watched God provide a church building worth over a million dollars for a church I used to pastor. We weren't a large church but faith in God and His word enabled us to purchase the building and make history. Just as God honored faith in my life he will honor it in yours. I can and will help you develop faith to win.

I've Taught Many People to Live By Faith
I've been blessed for many years to be able to help scores of people embrace faith and live out there dreams and visions.  Just recently I received a marvelous testimony of how a friend embraced a word of faith I shared with him. He now owns his own business making thousands of dollars weekly. He believed and received. 

Because of my earnest desire to help people, I've recently put together a small collection of powerful principles I call "Faith Power Points".  These Power Points are tried, true, and guaranteed to increase your faith and strengthen your connection with God.

Many times the difference between failing and succeeding is determined by what you know. With the knowledge of these powerful principles you'll begin to have success in your relationship with God, and begin to see the manifestation of your greatest desires, and more!

While I was recently teaching some of these principles a young lady was sitting in the audience who had a painful ear infection and had lost the ability to hear in one ear.

As I was speaking she begin to apply what I was teaching and within minutes her ear began to pop several times. After her ear stopped popping the pain left and she could hear.  Yes it is true, faith put into proper action works!

Just imagine yourself reading Faith Power Points and miracles begin to occur in your life. Imagine how great it would be to see things you need and desire finally start happening for you. 

Faith Releases Miracles and Prosperity
The time for you to embrace faith and start living the life God wants you to live is now.  

In the interest of really wanting to help people grow in faith and embrace the supernatural power of faith I'm offering this powerful book for $2.99.  

The cost of this dynamic, faith-building book, is $2.95! Click on the button below, submit your payment, and in a matter of minutes the book will be yours.

This book is packed with charts, diagrams, and other helpful tools to help you understand and apply faith. What's exciting is that you can start applying these principles today and get results.

Many believe I should charge more for these powerful principles but I really just want to empower as many people as possible. For the cost of a Burger Combo you can gain a wealth of knowledge that can change your life. Bless yourself and others with the gift of faith. Take action now and purchase Faith Power Points!

P.S. This little book will help you overcome your struggles and attain success in life. Happiness and success don't come automatically we have to cultivate a heart and mind to believe we're worth and capable of succeeding. Faith Power Points will jump-start hope, faith, and winning! Get Your Copy Today!!!
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