LESSONS FROM: My Boxer Briefs

As I was going about my routine of getting ready for the day I found myself admiring an old friend. This old friend has been with me for years and accompanied me in all kinds of situations. I'm sorry to say that despite all the things I've shared with my friend I didn't really take notice of him until he was draped across a bar this morning in my bathroom.  My friend, a faithful pair of Boxer briefs, was staring back at me silently, baring all the marks of a time tested warrior. As I examined this old friend I noticed his burgundy color had faded and the cloth that covered his internal frame was torn. Like injured human skin can at times be peeled back and reveal white bone so was the burgundy skin of my briefs rolled back revealing a white waist band.

As I admired my durable briefs, and observed the revelation of the white waistband peeking through, I was immediately exposed to the reason these briefs could fulfill its purpose. No matter how good the briefs looked on the outside they could only be held in place on the inside by a thin layer of white elastic waistband that existed anonymously beneath a shroud of fabric. Even though the fabric was scarred the waistband continued to do what it was designed to do. One moment of transparency from my briefs revealed to me what was holding them in place around my waist. Isn't it strange how sometimes we don't see what's covering and holding us up? When things seem to be going as planned it's easy to forget who or what is keeping us covered and protected. It's amazing how sometimes we don't appreciate something until it's about to leave or it's gone. We really appreciate running water after the water is cut off. We really appreciate our car after its broken down or unrepairable. At times we don't appreciate family until things get tough or a loved one gets sick, or dies. 

I believe that life at times must bring hardships for us to really appreciate what we have. A famous poet once said "no man is an island." No matter what you've accomplished you'll always need someone to cover and hold you up.  Don't wait until you lose everything before you see who's holding you up. Many people reading this today have overlooked family, friends, and even God, as vibrant sources that are covering and holding them up.  It's painfully obvious that soon I must part ways with those faithful Boxer briefs but the time I have left with them will be meaningful. Don't let precious time slip away from your life without appreciating God, family, friends, and other significant things that have played a part through the years in helping to cover and hold you up. It's never too late to say thanks. It's never too late to honor those who bare the scars of life but still find a way to love, support, cover, and hold you up. These are a few lessons I learned from my Boxer briefs... If you like my blog please leave a comment, follow me on Facebook, and tell others.

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